Traditional Mongolian Notepad

     This is a traditional Mongolian Notepad application written in java. It is a Unicode Mongolian editor support left to right line feed vertical line editing. This is still an evaluation version of it. We are doing our best to improving the functionalities now.
     Currently, this editor are still not able to support automatic line wrap yet. please add your own hard break on each line.
     We will add following functions later.
     Print - print all text to printer.
     Switch lineWrap - Switch Line Wrap mode. -- Added this functionality on Feb 12, 2012.

     Product Name : Mongolian Notepad
     Support OS : Windows, Mac, Linux
     Support Encode: UNICODE
     Product Version : 0.6
     Product Vendor : Almas Inc.
     Release Date : Feb. 2012
     Copyright : Almas Inc.
     License : GPL 2.0, You can freely download and use it.

     Download File

     Download Software : Mongolian Notepad
     Download Introduction : ReadMe.txt

     Install: Download this package and unzip the archive file to local drive, add execute property to, then execute the shell file sh
     Note: This software use JDK1.6.x, Please download and install any one release of JDK1.6.


     Note: If you use English OS the Mongolian Notepad menu will become english. All of other language OS except Japanese and Chinese, you all get English Menu for this Notepad.