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[2000/08/12]   Created The Mongolian True Type font file MNGLWHIT.TTF and Mongolian Keyboard Layout Definition File KBDNM.KBD and tested on windows 98/95 system.
[2000/08/20]   Created the Other 4 True Type font files MNGLBLCK.TTF, MNGLTITL.TTF, MNGLART.TTF, and MNGLHAND.TTF and tested on Windows 98/95 system. [2001/09/30]   Created Keyboard Layout Definition File KBDNM.DLL and tested on Windows NT 4.0 system

[2001/04/20]   Tested on Windows 2000 Professional version.
[2001/05/01]   Tested on Windows 2000 Server version.

[2001/08/01]   Created the Mongolian Writing Font – sixth Font.
[2001/10/20]   Sharing my favorate Mongolian and Chinese music anf song on this page.

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